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We buy World War 2 military antiques memorabilia

Looking to sell WW2 military memorabilia? We buy WW2 militaria!

We pay a fair price for World War 2 antiques and pay quickly. Payment can be made within an hour of contacting us in most cases. We buy WW2 memorabilia and are the fairest on the web. Let us prove it to you.

Selling WW2 memorabilia is fair, fast and easy. We want to buy your World War 2 items and make it hassle free for you.

Top dollar paid for your WWII memorabilia, whether it be helmets, badges, caps, visors, flags, field gear, equipment, medals, insignia, uniforms, tunics, knives, guns, paper work, trench art, photo albums, battle souvenirs, relics and vet bring backs. We buy WW2 memorabilia.

Every country's WW2 memorabilia is wanted too, including, but not limited to: US, German, Japanese, Russian, and Italian militaria. Individual pieces and large lots welcomed.

Donations of WW2 militaria happily accepted and appreciated. But also, we buy WW2 memorabilia of all types and most of all, we preserve these precious relics.

If you are just curious and want to know what your WW2 item is worth, we are happy to take a look and give you idea of value. Some pieces are worth a few dollars, and some are worth thousands of dollars. All are historically valuable and appraisals are free.

Compare to other WW2 sites. Some charge a $35 fee to appraise your WWII item and give low offers. If you don't want to sell your military item and keep in your possesion, no problem. I appreciate the chance of getting to see these historical and important items.

My Motivation to Buy WW2 Memorabilia:

As a social studies teacher, I buy WW2 memorabilia and share them with students.  If you have a family WWII story and would like to share, I would love to add it to the ones on this site as students love hearing these interesting stories.

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We buy World War 2 military antiques memorabilia

I am an avid collector of WW2 memorabilia. I insure all militaria are cared for properly and preserved for posterity.

View some of the pieces I have collected over the years. None of these WWII items are for sale.

Read Great World War 2 Stories

LTC Robert J. Frost

By Chris Voorhees | March 1, 2024

    Here we have a small group of WW2 Nazi Militaria items we bought recently from the Grandson of Robert J Frost A LTC in the US Army during WW2. LTC Frost was part of the 7th Army, serving in the 179th Regiment, part of the 45th Division having already fought in Italy, Southern…

Al Fleetwood

By Chris Voorhees | November 2, 2023

  It is with great sadness we are announcing the passing of another WW2 Veteran Hero. Al Fleetwood passed on the 7th October 2023 in his 99th year. A true gentleman ,he led a very happy life with tons of friends. He had a gigantic smile on his face right until the end. We were…

German Helmets

By Chris Voorhees | August 18, 2016

The German government made four basic types of German combat helmets during WWII. The German M35, German M40, German M42, and the German paratrooper helmet M38. They also made civil helmets and reissued helmets from WWI. German combat helmets were used by the Luftwaffe (air force), heer (army), Kriegsmarine (navy), police, and the SS.  German…

Merle Leroy Southworth

By Chris Voorhees | August 13, 2016

Merle Leroy Southworth’s grandchild wrote: This is my grandpa, Merle Leroy Southworth, born March 7, 1915, Randolph County Indiana. I don’t remember grandpa ever talking about his time in the service, so this we have pieced together from the records we have found on line or from a box he had sent home from Germany.…

U-130 and the Grenanger

By Chris Voorhees | August 13, 2016


SGT. F. Robert Bruske

By Chris Voorhees | August 13, 2016

* Bob was an expert marksman. He had a 30-06 with scope and he was used when the unit needed a sharpshooter. He never talked about the fighting and killing. Talked about the good time with buddies and the time he ran into a friend from home….lifetime friends after that. Turned out to be a…

Military Store

By Chris Voorhees | February 29, 2024

Looking for a military store to sell your WWII items? You have come to the right place. We buy WW2 militaria. We are different from other sites as we do not sell items on this website. We focus all of our efforts on giving you a fair and quick offer. Pictured above are some WW2…

WW2 German Militaria

By Chris Voorhees | February 28, 2024

  WW2 German miiliaria was collected by US GI’s during WWII. They loved finding items of interest and sending home to friends and family.  It could be as simple as taking a patch from a German POW to taking a large bronze bust of Adolf Hitler. If it was German, they packed it up and…

Nazi Memorabilia

By Chris Voorhees | February 26, 2024

Selling Nazi memorabilia can make people justifiably uncomfortable. We understand. The Nazis were an evil organization, but it is important to keep the history preserved. We collect these items because it is our duty as historians, to be the custodians of items both good and bad.   Above (top left), is a SS cap skull made…

Hitler’s DR Utensils

By Chris Voorhees | February 22, 2024

  Here we have a set of eight pieces of Hitler’s DR utensils. These were used on his private train, the Fuhrersonderzug. These were used in the dining cars and are produced by Bruckmann and have the locomotive maker stamp. Seven are stamped 244 and one knife stamped with the rarer 242. In 1940, the…

Deutsches Kunst Eagle

By Chris Voorhees | February 22, 2024

  Here we are pleased to show one of the rarest items of Nazi Militaria that we have been lucky enough to purchase It’s one of the 8 Deutsches Kunst Eagles as shown in the July 1939 colour film of the Festival and Parade Celebrating German Culture which was attended by Adolf Hitler and the…

Nazi Memorabilia for Sale

By Chris Voorhees | February 21, 2024

Do you have Nazi memorabilia for sale? We avidly buy all sorts of WW2 items from axis and allied countries. We recently bought the SS dagger that you see below and the NSKK dagger that you see above. The NSKK dagger has the motto “Germany Above All”.  The dagger maker is F. Herder. Curiously, it…