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We buy World War 2 military antiques memorabilia

Looking to sell WW2 military memorabilia? We buy WW2 militaria!

We pay a fair price for World War 2 antiques and pay quickly. Payment can be made within an hour of contacting us in most cases. We buy WW2 memorabilia and are the fairest on the web. Let us prove it to you.

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Top dollar paid for your WWII memorabilia, whether it be helmets, badges, caps, visors, flags, field gear, equipment, medals, insignia, uniforms, tunics, knives, guns, paper work, trench art, photo albums, battle souvenirs, relics and vet bring backs. We buy WW2 memorabilia.

Every country's WW2 memorabilia is wanted too, including, but not limited to: US, German, Japanese, Russian, and Italian militaria. Individual pieces and large lots welcomed.

Donations of WW2 militaria happily accepted and appreciated. But also, we buy WW2 memorabilia of all types and most of all, we preserve these precious relics.

If you are just curious and want to know what your WW2 item is worth, we are happy to take a look and give you idea of value. Some pieces are worth a few dollars, and some are worth thousands of dollars. All are historically valuable and appraisals are free.

Compare to other WW2 sites. Some charge a $35 fee to appraise your WWII item and give low offers. If you don't want to sell your military item and keep in your possesion, no problem. I appreciate the chance of getting to see these historical and important items.

My Motivation to Buy WW2 Memorabilia:

As a social studies teacher, I buy WW2 memorabilia and share them with students.  If you have a family WWII story and would like to share, I would love to add it to the ones on this site as students love hearing these interesting stories.

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We buy World War 2 military antiques memorabilia

I am an avid collector of WW2 memorabilia. I insure all militaria are cared for properly and preserved for posterity.

View some of the pieces I have collected over the years. None of these WWII items are for sale.

Read Great World War 2 Stories

LTC Robert J. Frost

By Chris Voorhees | March 1, 2024

These 5 pieces of Adolf Hitler silverware Formal pattern were also liberated from Hitlers Munich Apartment by LTC Robert J Frost,  while such silverware is available,  its rarer to get examples that have cast iron provenance as to where they were actually found.   Here we have a small group of WW2 Nazi Militaria items…

Al Fleetwood

By Chris Voorhees | November 2, 2023

  It is with great sadness we are announcing the passing of another WW2 Veteran Hero. Al Fleetwood passed on the 7th October 2023 in his 99th year. A true gentleman ,he led a very happy life with tons of friends. He had a gigantic smile on his face right until the end. We were…

German Helmets

By Chris Voorhees | August 18, 2016

The German government made four basic types of German combat helmets during WWII. The German M35, German M40, German M42, and the German paratrooper helmet M38. They also made civil helmets and reissued helmets from WWI. German combat helmets were used by the Luftwaffe (air force), heer (army), Kriegsmarine (navy), police, and the SS.  German…

Merle Leroy Southworth

By Chris Voorhees | August 13, 2016

Merle Leroy Southworth’s grandchild wrote: This is my grandpa, Merle Leroy Southworth, born March 7, 1915, Randolph County Indiana. I don’t remember grandpa ever talking about his time in the service, so this we have pieced together from the records we have found on line or from a box he had sent home from Germany.…

U-130 and the Grenanger

By Chris Voorhees | August 13, 2016


SGT. F. Robert Bruske

By Chris Voorhees | August 13, 2016

* Bob was an expert marksman. He had a 30-06 with scope and he was used when the unit needed a sharpshooter. He never talked about the fighting and killing. Talked about the good time with buddies and the time he ran into a friend from home….lifetime friends after that. Turned out to be a…

WW2 German SS Flag

By Chris Voorhees | April 22, 2024

Do you have a WW2 German SS flag for sale? We pay top dollar for WW2 militaria such as flags. Above, is a SS flag that came from US GI George Shelton.  Mr. Shelton found two SS flags at the Luitpold Stadium on April 21, 1945. Three days earlier, the stadium had been a battle…

WW2 SS Tabs and Eagles

By Chris Voorhees | April 19, 2024

  Do you have WW2 SS tabs and eagles to sell? You have come to the right place. We pay top dollar for all WWII militaria. SS tabs were prized souvenirs for GI’s to bring home. The SS were the most skilled and dangerous of all of the German military. To take a tab or…

Pearl Harbor Artifacts

By Chris Voorhees | March 21, 2024

Pearl Harbor artifacts are some of the most interesting items one can collect. December 7, 1941 was truly a day that lives in infamy. The United States was caught by surprise and thousands of men lost their lives.  Any item that comes from that day has a way of speaking to people. Above is a…

WW2 Collectibles

By Chris Voorhees | March 13, 2024

    Here we have some WW2 collectibles purchased from The Advanced Collection that Keeps on Giving..To include an excellent group of Luftwaffe Citations to the same bomber pilot Dirk Hofkes who served with Kampfgeschwader Hindenburg 1 Whom fought in Poland , France , Belgium and the Battle of Britain. Also Included are 2 document…

WW2 Japanese Flag

By Chris Voorhees | March 12, 2024

Do you hav e a WW2 japanese flag for sale? We pay top dollar for WWII militaria. Above is a photo of United States soldiers posing with a Japanese souvenir flag trophy. GI’s were notorious for collecting souvenirs to send home. In the Pacific Theatre of Operations, a flag was a prime trophy. Other trophies…

National WWII Museum Donation?

By Chris Voorhees | March 5, 2024

Thinking of donating to the National WWII Museum?  That is a good idea as they do a lot of positive things.  However, have you ever thought about selling your items to collectors who will appreciate your militaria and share with their community? When we purchase historical items we make sure they are going to a…