buying ww2 military
buying ww2 military

I'm a Social Studies Teacher

This is my twenty ninth year of teaching history and geography. I have been a WW2 collector for almost fifty years. I am still buying ww2 military items.

My Passion for History Preservation

It all started in a army surplus store in 1976. I was wandering around looking at all the gear brought back from WWII. If you are older, you will remember it was everywhere. My parents allowed me to buy a couple cheap items. One of the items I picked is the M1 Carbine magazine ammo case that is seen to the left. I have kept it all of these years. It is not the most interesting WW2 item I have, but certainly one of the more important pieces to me, as it is the piece that started my WW2 collection. I never would have thought that one item be the beginning of a life long obsession. I still get a rush when ever I add to my growing collection.

If you are looking for a WW2 collector, please keep me in mind, as I am buying WW2 military items. No one takes better care of these items than I do. Do your research. Especially, when contacting dealers. They have one thing on the mind....money. Most are not interested in adding to their collection, only adding to their wallets. FIfty percent of value will be the most dealers will offer. It is usually much lower