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Donate WW2 Memorabilia

By Chris Voorhees / September 20, 2023 / 0 Comments

Donate WW2 memorabilia here! We are happy to pay a fair price for your WW2 items, but from time to time Vet families choose to donate instead. Whether it be out of generosity or karma I am not sure, but it is much appreciated. Anything that is donated will be given to a young collector …

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Selling WW2 German Militaria

By Chris Voorhees / September 19, 2023 / 0 Comments

Selling WW2 German Militaria? You have come to the right place We are the original buy and sell WW2 website. Selling is easy. We treat you fairly and pay you quickly. I think you will find that doing business with buyandsellwwii.com is painless and a pleasure.   Above is a nice group of WW1 and …

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Who Buys German Helmets

By Chris Voorhees / September 18, 2023 / 0 Comments

  You maybe asking, who buys German helmets? We do! And we pay a fair price. Most German combat helmets in decent condition are bringing prices near the thousand dollar mark. Many much higher. Contact us today for free inspection. Here is a very nice piece of WW2 German Military history being a DD M35 …

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WW2 Memorabilia Price Guide

By Chris Voorhees / September 13, 2023 / 0 Comments

      All of the above items were recently purchased from the family an advanced collector. They were very happy that we offered more than dealers they had contacted. Searching the internet for a WW2 memorabilia price guide? You have come to the right place. We would be happy to help appraise your items. …

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WW2 German Nazi Tapestry

By Chris Voorhees / September 12, 2023 / 0 Comments

  Here is an exceedingly rare WW2 German Nazi tapestry we just acquired.  A large tapestry from the Reichskanzlei measuring 51 inches x 67 inches approximately and weighing  nearly 5 Kilos , these tapestries came in 2 sizes this being a smaller example, in excellent plus condition with only a few tiny stains, below is …

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WW2 Collectors

By Chris Voorhees / August 15, 2023 / Comments Off on WW2 Collectors

Are you a WW2 collectors or a dealer? We get this question a lot. We are collectors first. Sometimes we sell other collectors if there is something specific they want. We are different than WW2 dealers. Notice we do not have a selling section like all dealers do. Your WW2 treasures leave your home guaranteed …

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WW2 German Skull Cap

By Chris Voorhees / June 1, 2023 / Comments Off on WW2 German Skull Cap

A WW2 German skull cap, otherwise known as a SS M43 cap. This wool hat is for an SS officer, it has the flatwire skull and eagle, plus flatwire piping. A rare example. Most of the skull hats collectors come across are regular white thread skull and eagles. The skull and eagle can also be …

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Sell WW2 German Helmets

By Chris Voorhees / May 30, 2023 / Comments Off on Sell WW2 German Helmets

Sell WW2 German helmets here! We buy a variety of WW2 German helmets. From army, to navy, air force, police, civil, and SS helmets. Sell WW2 German helmets at buyandsellwwii.com. German helmets, also known as stahlhelms (steel helmets) are highly desireable to collectors. During WWII, combat helmets came in five varieties; Transitional, M35, M40, M42, …

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Sell WW2 Medals

By Chris Voorhees / May 26, 2023 / Comments Off on Sell WW2 Medals

This person wanted to sell WW2 medals. They contacted us and they got a quick and fair payment. The cloth black wound badges are rarer than their metal counterpart. The panzer badge was given to soldiers in armored divisions. The two cloth DKIG aka German cross in gold are in pristine condition. The Kuban shield …

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WW2 DD SS Helmet

By Chris Voorhees / May 18, 2023 / Comments Off on WW2 DD SS Helmet

A WW2 DD SS helmet. This very rare helmet we just purchased direct from the granddaughter of US Veteran Gabriel Ishley from Utah. It’s a very early M35 model made by the firm ET -Eisenhüttenwerke .It has the early Non reinforced aluminium liner band and was originally painted apple green probably around 1936 and issued …

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WW2 Trophy Flag

By Chris Voorhees / May 15, 2023 / Comments Off on WW2 Trophy Flag

We purchase WW2 trophies. We acquired this GI Nazi trophy flag from the Grandchildren of the Veteran from the PA area. It simply is a stunning time capsule of the spoils of WWII. There are some extremely rare and valuable items sewn directly to the flag material. Collectors don’t seen this very often. To include …

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Who Buys WW2 Daggers?

By Chris Voorhees / May 13, 2023 / Comments Off on Who Buys WW2 Daggers?

Who buys WW2 daggers? Simple. We do, and we pay quickly and at a fair price. Below is a beautiful grouping we just purchased. In this collection, we have WWII German parade bayonet. More for decoration than combat, it is in very good condition. The DLV dagger was given to German glider pilots. Also present, …

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WW2 German Souvenirs

By Chris Voorhees / May 11, 2023 / Comments Off on WW2 German Souvenirs

This group of items we purchased from Jim Fleetwood son of Alvin H Fleetwood a Veteran of the US 71st Infantry Division.. As you can see Alvin ammased a large collection of mint Nazi Militaria including mint armbands,  awards, unissued SS insignia from Dachau and of particular interest to myself was the SS insignia that …

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WW2 German Memorabilia

By Chris Voorhees / May 10, 2023 / Comments Off on WW2 German Memorabilia

A large group of WW2 German memorabilia was recently bought from the Grandson and son of US Army Veteran Michael Angelo Romano in PA. A collection of sixty five SS eagles, insignia, German SS cuff titles, an SS trapozoid, an armband, and a German SS cap. Obviously, Mr. Romano had very good taste in WWII …

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WW2 Pre Hitler Youth Flag AKA Deutsches Jungvolk Flag

By Chris Voorhees / May 10, 2023 / Comments Off on WW2 Pre Hitler Youth Flag AKA Deutsches Jungvolk Flag

WW2 pre Hitler Youth flag bring back by US Veteran Michael Angelo Romano in PA. The Deutsches Jungvolk flag is a rare early example from the town of Ellwangen In the east of Baden Wurttemberg , the flag refers to Galgenberg,  Gallows Hill as In 1588 and from 1611 to 1618 about 450 people in …

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WW2 Cut off Insignia

By Chris Voorhees / May 9, 2023 / Comments Off on WW2 Cut off Insignia

I have suddenly taken an interest in WW2 cut off insignia. Veteran families were kind enough to sell to me to preserve the history that comes with it. In the photo there are four standard SS sleeve eagle cut offs. These are quite common. The majority of cut offs or uniformed removed insignia are the …

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