LTC Robert J. Frost

These 5 pieces of Adolf Hitler silverware Formal pattern were also liberated from Hitlers Munich Apartment by LTC Robert J Frost,  while such silverware is available,  its rarer to get examples that have cast iron provenance as to where they were actually found.   Here we have a small group of WW2 Nazi Militaria items…

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Al Fleetwood


  It is with great sadness we are announcing the passing of another WW2 Veteran Hero. Al Fleetwood passed on the 7th October 2023 in his 99th year. A true gentleman ,he led a very happy life with tons of friends. He had a gigantic smile on his face right until the end. We were…

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German Helmets

The German government made four basic types of German combat helmets during WWII. The German M35, German M40, German M42, and the German paratrooper helmet M38. They also made civil helmets and reissued helmets from WWI. German combat helmets were used by the Luftwaffe (air force), heer (army), Kriegsmarine (navy), police, and the SS.  German…

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Merle Leroy Southworth

Merle Southworth WWII POW

Merle Leroy Southworth’s grandchild wrote: This is my grandpa, Merle Leroy Southworth, born March 7, 1915, Randolph County Indiana. I don’t remember grandpa ever talking about his time in the service, so this we have pieced together from the records we have found on line or from a box he had sent home from Germany.…

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SGT. F. Robert Bruske

* Bob was an expert marksman. He had a 30-06 with scope and he was used when the unit needed a sharpshooter. He never talked about the fighting and killing. Talked about the good time with buddies and the time he ran into a friend from home….lifetime friends after that. Turned out to be a…

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Edward J. Hoar

Edward J. Hoar WWII Picture

TECHNICAL SERGEANT EDWARD J. HOAR September 3, 1917 – April 9, 2001 My father, Edward J. Hoar (aka Big Ed and E.J.), owned a newsstand across the street from the Empire State Building in New York when he was drafted in 1942. He was sent to Pine Camp, near Watertown, N.Y. where he would meet…

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Jorgen Jorgensen

Jorgen Jorgensen WWII Story picture

by Jorgen Jorgensen Our mission as army pilots was to aid chiang kai chek leader of the nationalists in the war with the communists under the leadership of mao zedong.1945. My copilot and Imet the chinese raw soldiers at the c-46 cargo plane were we to fly them to a designated field from kunming china We…

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William O. Sabel

William O. Sabel WWII Story Japanese plane picture

By William O. Sabel Of the many books that have been written by men who fought in World War II, many were first hand accounts of engagements they had participated in. There were many stories of hard fought battles and of unbelievable heroism from these men. Their stories cannot and should not be disparaged nor…

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Charles W. Pearson

This was written by Lt. Pearson’s family member and originally appearing on this site: My grandfather, Charles W. Pearson, was a man that everyone loved dearly. He served the Allied Forces in WWII, taking after his own father, William Pearson, who fought in WWI. For years I had always wondered about his campaign in…

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Ed Hirsch

Edward J. Hirsch November 5, 1921-January 4, 2011 U.S. Army, 1942-46 WWII—Europe Prologue: When Edward J. Hirsch recently died, his estate included some items that he brought home from Europe after the war. Many if not most of these items are “Nazi” items. It is not known precisely how he acquired these items, but since…

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