Anti-Nazi Memorabilia


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Above, is a piggy bank of the buffoon, Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. What a joy it is to put coins in his fat carcass.
anti-nazi memorabilia

These are original Allied produced Anti-Nazi memorabilia we have in our personal collections. These range from complete matchbook holders to derogatory figures of Hitler which reflect the justified contempt of which the Allies had for Hitler and the monstrous Evil regime he led. Some of these items also portray the Japanese in a similar and justified manner. Above, is an ashtray poking fun at the dictator. Do you have Anti-Nazi memorabilia for sale. Contact us today for a free estimate. We pay a fair price and payment comes within hours of emailing us. We can pay via Paypal, Venmo, Cash app, Zelle, etc…

Below is a caricature of the pompous, rat, Hitler. Out of all the items in the collection, this one is my favorite. How better to depict him than as a skunk. On the backside, a swipe at the other member of the Axis. A perfect piece.

Original Hitler Skunk advertisement


Tojo Rat



Hitler Rat


anti-nazi memorabilia

Above is a large Bronze bust we purchased from a Veteran Family in Louisiana..The GIs justifiably used this for target practice. At least 23 M1 Garand hits on the clown’s face. Also,the evil Dictators nose has been cut with a bladed weapon. Well done GIs.