Donate WW2 Memorabilia

donate WW2 memorabilia

Donate WW2 memorabilia here! We are happy to pay a fair price for your WW2 items, but from time to time Vet families choose to donate instead. Whether it be out of generosity or karma I am not sure, but it is much appreciated. Anything that is donated will be given to a young collector or kept in my permanent collection. Items will never be sold for profit. Within the last year(2023), i have given a dozen items to young collectors.They are so excited to touch a piece of history. One young collector in particular cried after he saw the authentic WWII uniform he was receiving.

You might be thinking about donating to a museum. Ninety nine percent of the time, museum pieces will be stored in a backroom and will not be seen by museum goers. A lot of people don’t understand that, but it is a harsh reality. Museum donations are rarely shown to the public as they have too many items.

We are happy to pay a fair price for your items. However, if you feel the urge, feel free to donate WW2 memorabilia here. It will be appreciated much more than being in the backroom of a museum.