Hitler’s DR Utensils

Hitler's DR utensils


Here we have a set of eight pieces of Hitler's DR utensils. These were used on his private train, the Fuhrersonderzug. These were used in the dining cars and are produced by Bruckmann and have the locomotive maker stamp. Seven are stamped 244 and one knife stamped with the rarer 242. In 1940, the train was named Fuhrersonderzug "Amerika". He chose this name because he held Germany to a USA standard of living. He admired the USA.  In 1943, the name was changed to Fuhrersonderzug "Brandenberg". The train was Hitler's mobile headquarters for the Balkans campaign.  After that is was never again used as a mobile headquarters. However, it was used for Hitler's private transportation throughout World War two. The train was made up of two locomotives and up to forteen accompanying railroad cars. The train could travel 120/meters per hour. It weighed 1,200 tons and could be as long as 430 meters.

After the war, two of Hitler's private railroad cars survived. They were stored in  a US military storage facility. As years went by, souvenirs were taken. One of rarer pieces was Hitler's private telephone.


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