National WWII Museum Donation?

National WWII museum donation

Thinking of donating to the National WWII Museum?  That is a good idea as they do a lot of positive things.  However, have you ever thought about selling your items to collectors who will appreciate your militaria and share with their community? When we purchase historical items we make sure they are going to a good home and our not just stuck in a damp basement.

Something to keep in mind, museums can not display all of the items at once. Allegedly, common items rarely make it out of a museum's storage  room and are never again appreciated.  It only makes sense that a museum only has so much room. They want to put the rarer pieces out for display. Common items such as helmets, rifles, pistols, insignia, uniforms, are going to stay in storage. The tanks, airplanes, famous items will be on display. If you sell to us, you can be assured it will respected and admired. A National WWII museum donation is admirable. However, not sure the donation will work the way you think it will work with being displayed for all to see.

Contact us today for a free and quick offer. We will preserve WWII history and allow others to get a chance to see these valuable and historical items.