Nazi Memorabilia for Sale

Do you have Nazi memorabilia for sale? We avidly buy all sorts of WW2 items from axis and allied countries. We recently bought the SS dagger that you see below and the NSKK dagger that you see above. The NSKK dagger has the motto "Germany Above All".  The dagger maker is F. Herder. Curiously, it has a Heer sword or bayonet portapee attached. Obviously, the portapee was added by the Virginian Veteran that we acquired both daggers from, so we will leave it the way we found it, untouched.

The SS motto "My Honor is Loyalty." On this particular dagger, it has the added exclamation point. A unique addition done only by the dagger maker Klitterman and Moog and Jacobs and Company. Although the dagger has an RZM blade on it, it has nickle fittings, not the typical plated fittings. One theory is that these SS M33 daggers were intended to be distributed to only Elite SS units. However, we don't think there is any concrete evidence to support this theory. The SS dagger has the more rare vertical hanger, so the dagger could be worn like a bayonet, whilst the NSKK has the usual leather hanger.

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