Nazi Memorabilia

Selling Nazi memorabilia can make people justifiably uncomfortable. We understand. The Nazis were an evil organization, but it is important to keep the history preserved. We collect these items because it is our duty as historians, to be the custodians of items both good and bad.   Above (top left), is a SS cap skull made by a Belgian firm. It is notiecably different than German SS cap skulls. This one is quite rare as it is a cap removed piece. You can tell, as the stitch marks are quite evident. To the right is a Type 3 German made SS cap skull. Most German skulls are similar to this. Compare to the Belgian made skull and one can see a considerable difference in design. Both of these examples are the standard bevo made skull. If these were officer skulls, they would be made of a shiny thread collectors like to call flatwire.


If you are looking to sell these evil symbols of  atrociities, consider contacting us. We understand the sensitivity that Nazi memorablia can bring. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Do your research. Make sure your Nazi memorabilia is going to a responsible home.