Pearl Harbor Artifacts

Pearl Harbor artifacts are some of the most interesting items one can collect. December 7, 1941 was truly a day that lives in infamy. The United States was caught by surprise and thousands of men lost their lives.  Any item that comes from that day has a way of speaking to people. Above is a cigar box labeled : From Pearl Harbor 12-7-41. 1.) Pcs from Japanese plane. 2.) AA shrapnel. One piece of the Japanese plane is the outer skin. The other item, is a small mechanical piece. The shrapnel pieces are quite large and came from United States Artillery guns.


pearl harbor artifacts

 Above, is a publication called Crossing the Line by the USS Arizona. It has write ups and photos of what life was like on the USS Arizona. At the end of this publication are the signatures of some of the men who were abord the USS Arizona. Sadly, many of the names have been researched to show that they went down with the ship on December 7, 1941. A unique one of a kind item.

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