WW2 Trophy Flag

We purchase WW2 trophies. We acquired this GI Nazi trophy flag from the Grandchildren of the Veteran from the PA area. It simply is a stunning time capsule of the spoils of WWII. There are some extremely rare and valuable items sewn directly to the flag material. Collectors don’t seen this very often. To include Gold and Silver Grade Anti Partisan badges by the German medal maker Junckers , most of the finish has been absorbed by the zinc material of the badges , but enough remains to confirm the grades. Also, is a beautiful hand embroidered Waffen SS Officers sleeve eagle complete with its RZM label on the reverse that is visible if you carefully lift the eagle from the flag. Also, sewn to the flag is a mint Waffen SS Deutschland cufftitle,  with its RZM label to the reverse . There is also an SS sports vest patch. The other awards include Eastern Peoples awards in several different classes with and without swords denoting combatants and non combatants,  Iron Crosses in both first and second classes, drivers badges in all 3 classes. As well as various cloth armbands, cloth insignia and other awards..obviously this Veteran had a good eye and most of the items with the exception of the two Anti Partisan badges appear unissued.This is one of the best items we have managed to buy from a Veterans family.And we were extremely proud to be given the chance to purchase it.

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An incredible WW2 trophy flag.