We Buy WW2 Tunics

We buy WW2 Tunics

We buy WW2 tunics and here is a very interesting WW2 German military tunic we just purchased from the son of a WW2 US Military Veteran along with an SS M33 dagger by Boker and an SS armband. This tunic is the so called M44 style and was obviously a private purchase tailor made example rather than a depot clothing store issued one.It’s made from quality Gabardine material and as can be seen by the tailors label byBender & Cie of Stuttgart it was made for a Major Dietrich Nubling very late in the war as its dated 13.12.44. It has a 6 button front with 2 breast pockets with pleats.The insignia consists of Heer shoulder straps for a Major with both the straps and collar patches showing the golden yellow of Reconnaissance units

Also there is a KRETA cuff title hand sewn to the sleeve . On further research the only Heer Reconnaissance units who fought at the battle of KRETA were members of the Elite 5th Gebirsjager Mountain Division.
Overall the tunic is in excellent condition albeit the dreaded moth have dined on the material..M44 Gabardine tunics are rather rare indeed, so we were very happy to acquire this piece of WW2 History,  we are in the process of trying to research Major Dietrich Nubling with no success thus far.
Named items are especially interesting for ourselves as it makes the items speak so to say , we are collectors so such poignant items tell a story of a terrible time in history.
We buy WW2 Tunics. Contact us today and get a quick and fair price.