Who Buys WW2 Daggers?

Who buys WW2 daggers? Simple. We do, and we pay quickly and at a fair price. Below is a beautiful grouping we just purchased. In this collection, we have WWII German parade bayonet. More for decoration than combat, it is in very good condition. The DLV dagger was given to German glider pilots. Also present, are two k98 bayonets. One with scabbard and leather frog and one without. An impressive RAD dagger is also present. Its impressive size really makes a statement. A Hitler youth dagger was among this collection. Also present, is a Luftwaffe dagger with hanger. Finally, are a trio of Heer daggers. Unfortunately, only one is complete with the decorative portapee and hanger. The Veteran who brought these back, had really good taste. As we are collectors and not dealers, all of these daggers are a welcome addition to our collections.

If you have daggers like these and plan on keeping them, please keep them stored properly. Too many times we have people contact us and their daggers are in such poor shape, they are no longer desirable.


Contact Chris or Fraser for any questions you might have such as “Who buys WW2 daggers?” We are standing by to assist you.



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Some WWII daggers we recently purchased