Wilhelm Frick Golden Party Badge

We are very happy to show this EXTREMELY RARE and Very Important piece of NSDAP Memorabilia to one of the Personalities of the 3rd Reich of Nazi Germany..

Here we have the large Golden Party Badge of Wilhelm Frick , one of Adolf Hitlers oldest and closest Comrades from the early days of the NSDAP…..Nazi Party
The badge is in excellent condition and is a Private purchase Deschler made example.
After showing it to fellow collectors whom have a much more detailed knowledge of these rare badges than ourselves,  the general consensus is it probably had the screwback threaded post fitted at the Deschler factory as these badges for renowned for the usual pin back fitting to snap off..therefore its not unusual to see period repairs or different styles of attachments on the reverse.
This one is clearly numbered 10 which corresponds to Wilhelm Frick..
There also is an autographed photo of Wilhelm Frick accompanying the badge
We are currently trying to research the history of the badge as how it ended up in the USA, as Frick had numerous uniforms it’s highly probable that he ordered several Golden Party Badges from Deschler..
Wilhelm Frick
“Wilhelm “Willi” Frick (born. 12 March 1877 in Alsenz; died. 16 October 1946 in Nuremberg) was a prominent German attorney and National Socialist official who served as Minister of the Interior (Reichsminister des Innern) from 1933 to 1943 and after this as the last governor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. He was also Reichsleiter and Member of the Reichstag (Leader of the Reichstag faction as of 10 October 1933). At the Nuremberg Show Trials he was sentenced to death.
Today, one can see Wilhelm Frick’s military dress uniform at Motts Military Museum in Groveport, Ohio, just part of the shiploads of goods taken from Germany by the Americans. The uniform was found in Frick’s home shortly after he was arrested in 1945. The US soldier who found the items, Richard Roberts, from Columbus, Ohio, was a member of the CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps).
The Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP was authorized by a Hitler decree of October 13, 1933 to honor those Party Members who, as of November 9, 1933, had a registered membership number under 100,000 – provided their party membership had been active and uninterrupted since the NSDAP’s re-founding on February 17, 1925. In fact, the NSDAP had already exceeded membership number 100,000 by December, 1928 (although only about 55,000 had remained with the Party – the rest dropped out for various reasons, including the inability to pay dues during the depression). On November 9, 1933 the Treasury Department of the NSDAP certified only 22,282 of the first 100,000 NSDAP members eligible for the badge. This included 1,795 women” source Wikipedia
Wilhelm Frick golden party badgeGolden Party Badge