World War Two Uniforms

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world war two uniforms

Above is a NSDAP Political leaders tunic with matching breeches and non matching lightweight shirt. There is no evidence that the. lightweight shirt style tunic ever had collar patches. Perhaps due to the condition it is unissued. It would have been worn with a political leader’s armband. Tunic made by Sport Haus of Stuttgart.

Above is a M36 Pioneer rank of Major tunic made by the prestigious firm of Holters of Berlin. Named to Major Von Heigl. Pioneers are engineers as well as combat soldiers. “They were first and foremost assault troops, and construction workers second. They were tasked with overcoming man made and natural obstacles, and in the attack they supported the infantry as specialist assault troops, attacking fortified positions with demolitions and flamethrowers. In the defense they constructed fortifications and shelters, erected obstacles, laid minefields, planted booby traps, cleared fields of fire, erected camouflage, and maintained supply routes.” – Source German Pionier 1939-45.