WW2 Collectibles

ww2 collectibles



Here we have some WW2 collectibles purchased from The Advanced Collection that Keeps on Giving..To include an excellent group of Luftwaffe Citations to the same bomber pilot
Dirk Hofkes who served with Kampfgeschwader Hindenburg 1
Whom fought in Poland , France , Belgium and the Battle of Britain.
Also Included are 2 document seals from the Reichskanzlei Des Fuhrer along with a piece of Reichskanzlei stationery
A beautiful large embossed hand tooled Political leather document folder with a very well detailed early NSDAP eagle on the cover.
A large book Grossdeutschland Im Weltgeschehen 1941.
A very rare set of streamers for a Swallow tail Regimental standard complete with both dated plaques.
A streamer for RAD banner.
A very interesting Dinner menu for the Ship SS Deutschland on the date of Hitlers Birthday
20th April 1937.Complete with Hitlers face on the cover and interestingly printed in English and German.
And the rarest item of all
The outer case and leather folder, citation for The Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle in Gold..
Recipient to be named soon
Only a few Germans were awarded this award in 1943
We have been exceedingly lucky to be offered this collection,  many other rare items of which have been posted already

WW2 collectibles bought here. Do you have WWII militaria you are looking to sell? You have come to the right place. We offer a qulck and fair evaluation and if you choose to sell, a quick and fair payment.