WW2 German Memorabilia

A large group of WW2 German memorabilia was recently bought from the Grandson and son of US Army Veteran Michael Angelo Romano in PA. A collection of sixty five SS eagles, insignia, German SS cuff titles, an SS trapozoid, an armband, and a German SS cap. Obviously, Mr. Romano had very good taste in WWII souvenirs. Notice the WWII SS cut offs. These were cut off uniforms and brought back to the United States as a trophy.. This is unique to US GI’s as other nation’s soldiers rarely did this. In fact, they rarely brought home any souvenirs. The SS bullion eagle is quite rare. Also, the SS Polizei cut off is not seen that often. Of interest the SS cap is a Heer M34  pattern but with SS flatwire insignia,and bullion piping  which also makes it rare, so obviously an early piece of Waffen SS headgear,  its in excellent worn condition with only a few moth holes on the exterior, it has a yellow Soustasche at the front denoting Cavalry units. The LAH cufftitle is a non regulation example, probably tailor made , the Grandson stated that the LAH cufftitle and the SS Allgemeine armband came from the same uniform which unfortunately the Veteran never took home, probably due to space restrictions,  the Armband didn’t have an RZM silk SS label but had a tailors label from a firm In Berlin which we’d never seen before.
The Deutschland is an EM.NCO style and also is in excellent used condition

The family asked to sell WW2 memorabilia and we were able to come to a fair price for both us. Are you looking to sell your WW2 memorabilia? Contact either myself or Fraser and we will be happy to give you a fair payment for your WW2 items.





WWII Memorabilia

Selling WW2 Memorabilia is easy and you get a fair price.

WWII SS German Cap

We paid a fair price for this WWII SS Cap