WW2 German Militaria

WW2 German militaria


WW2 German miiliaria was collected by US GI's during WWII. They loved finding items of interest and sending home to friends and family.  It could be as simple as taking a patch from a German POW to taking a large bronze bust of Adolf Hitler. If it was German, they packed it up and sent it home. Above, is a GI's German souvenirs. Pictured is a K98 rifle, a battle flag, STG44 assault rifle, a German helmet, a officer visor, a MG34 machine gun, a political NAZI flag, German medals, a broomhandle pistol, and various German daggers. These pieces were probably shipped home via used ammo crates. The amount of items in the photo are not unusual of what a US GI brought home. Many families contact us with even larger collections. If you have militaria such as the items shown in the photo, contact us today for a fair and quick offer. Today, most of the WW2 German militaria items are not in Europe, but in the United States.

If you are curious as to what these items are worth or looking to sell WW2 German militaria, contact us today for a free and quick appraisal/offer. We will beat our competitor's offers.