WW2 German Nazi Tapestry


Actual photos of tapestries in 1945 Source Youtube

Here is an exceedingly rare WW2 German Nazi tapestry we just acquired.  A large tapestry from the Reichskanzlei measuring 51 inches x 67 inches approximately and weighing  nearly 5 Kilos , these tapestries came in 2 sizes this being a smaller example, in excellent plus condition with only a few tiny stains, below is images of an identical banner being walked on by Zhukov and other Russian Military officers at the end of WW2 in the Reichskanzlei ruins.

In Lt. Col. Thomas N. Johnson “World War II German War Booty” Columbia 1982, p. 56 ff. with illustration of an identical piece from war souvenirs of American Sgt. Ed. Lukow with his description of Reich’s Chancellery “…when I entered one of the rooms, there were two large swastika/gold oak leaf tapestries still hanging on one wall with a huge portrait of Fieldmarshall von Hindenburg between them…”.

So, the history on these tend to be from Vet accounts, on retrieving them. Some info was apparently listed in a book called War Booty, or from the author’s account. Some of the accounts say, that these WW2 German Nazi tapestries were mostly located in the upper second floors, also located in the War room were apparently 6(2 on each side of the walls). There is also accounts that several were located in the Braun Haus München in Hitler’s meeting room. Not sure how many are recovered, but apparently 10 or more exist… One in the Russian Museum with other recovered Berlin Trophies. Some were damaged( used as a rug, pissed on, wine bottles thrown at…etc… sources War Relics and War Booty by Tom Johnson