WW2 German SS Flag

ww2 german ss flag

Do you have a WW2 German SS flag for sale? We pay top dollar for WW2 militaria such as flags. Above, is a SS flag that came from US GI George Shelton.  Mr. Shelton found two SS flags at the Luitpold Stadium on April 21, 1945. Three days earlier, the stadium had been a battle to the death for fanatic SS soldiers and SS officers. The stadium is located in the city of Nuremberg. The city of Nuremberg would seen become an imporant place in post WW2 Germany. Nurenberg would be the site of the Nurenberg trials, where top Nazis would be tried for their war crimes. The two flags were taken from a locked storage room at the stadium. Both were found on a shelf folded neatly. Mr. Shelton brought them home as souvenirs. Below, is a letter from 1983, explaining the details of how he got these historical souvenirs. Keeping the history with items, is the best part of being a WW2 collector.

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