WW2 GI Souvenirs

ww2 gi souvenirs


Do you have WW2 GI souvenirs for sale? Here is a fantastic US Veteran lot we just purchased from the Grandson of Joseph P. Catera,  He was a cook in the Army and also played trombone in the Army band. He was Italian and lived in Oakland when he was deployed. As you can see he managed to amass rather a lot of items.
Including a huge 61 size Heer SD helmet, a Luftwaffe SD helmet, an M42 No decal helmet and a Luftschutz helmet
Also 4 RAD sidecaps,  4 RAD belt buckles
A cased Iron Cross 1st class,  8 NSDAP armbands
2 Luftschutz Gasmasks,  6 Heer breast eagles,  Luftwaffe dagger , 2 bayonets a small NSDAP flag and a few other smalls, his Grandson Matt also kindly shared photos of his Grandfather taken during his military service during WW2.
It was a pleasure dealing with Matt and his mother and just shows that such time capsules are still out there waiting to be found , do you have such items that a relative brought back from WW2 ?? , if so and you are looking for information or wishing to sell them then please contact us
We are always looking to buy such items and preserve them and tell the stories of the Veterans who bravely served their Country.

If you are looking to sell your WW2 GI souvenirs, contact ust today for a fair and quick payment.