WW2 Japanese Flag

ww2 japanese flag

Do you hav e a WW2 japanese flag for sale? We pay top dollar for WWII militaria. Above is a photo of United States soldiers posing with a Japanese souvenir flag trophy. GI's were notorious for collecting souvenirs to send home. In the Pacific Theatre of Operations, a flag was a prime trophy. Other trophies included, guns, swords, helmets, even Japanese teeth and skulls. The fact was the American GIs despised the Japanese. Partly from the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, but mainly from their interactions in battle. In humane actions were taken on both sides. This did not happen as much in the European Theatre of operations.


Many of the flags collectors come across have been taken from Japanese deceased soldiers. Many have bloodstains and bullet holes in them. At the top, is a flag with Kanji script. Known as a Good Luck flag. Friends and family would write words of encouragement  to the brave soldier, hoping it would bring him good luck.  This silk flag has holes that have been repaired at some point.


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