WW2 DD SS Helmet

A WW2 DD SS helmet. This very rare helmet we just purchased direct from the granddaughter of US Veteran Gabriel Ishley from Utah. It’s a very early M35 model made by the firm ET -Eisenh├╝ttenwerke .It has the early Non reinforced aluminium liner band and was originally painted apple green probably around 1936 and issued with two decals being the SS shield with black double runes on a silver background on one side and the National emblem of Germany at the time of the Swastika on the other side. It was then repainted Satin black for Allgemeine SS use for parades possibly around 1938 as is evident as the original apple green is visible on the interior dome and where the liner band is attached to the helmet shell.Also on the exterior shell surface you can see the apple green showing through on scratches on the black top coat. There are 2 sets of decals Placed on top of each other as you can see the shadows of the original decals underneath Also and extremely interesting is the fact that it’s named and unit details are wrote on the leather linerAfter some research we believe we have found the previous owner which for us as history enthusiasts is exactly what drives our focus to preserve such important pieces of WW2 History..How Gabriel managed to acquire this helmet is unsure but the family are as keen as us to research further, also we are hopeful we can find an original image of the former owner as given his long service in the SS there’s a good chance we can find him. Please see his service resume below

If you are selling a WW2 DD SS helmet please contact us today. We strive to pay a fair price in a timely manner.

Source Traces of War https://www.tracesofwar.com/persons/101739/Hildebrandt-Fritz-Waffen-SS.htm