WW2 Militaria

WW2 Miilitaria

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Above, are two SS skulls, an SS cap eagle, and an SS armband. Surprisingly, small items like this can bring dollars to you and your family. WW2 militaria collectors desire insignia of the SS because of their historical significance. The Waffen SS or Schutzstaffel were the combat arm of the SS organization. Members had to fit a criteria in order to join the elite army. Anyone of impure blood/background was unable to enlist and joined the Werhmacht, Luftwaffe, etc…. The Russian and American GIs had a distaste for the SS, as they committed many atrocities against civilians and captured soldiers alike. Members of the SS swore a blood oath to Hitler himself. They were expected to succeed or die trying. Many allied soldiers would bring home souvenirs of anything SS that they could find. Insignia, buckles, cutoffs, uniforms, etc…. To bring home something from the SS was the ultimate prize.

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