WW2 Pre Hitler Youth Flag AKA Deutsches Jungvolk Flag

WW2 pre Hitler Youth flag bring back by US Veteran Michael Angelo Romano in PA. The Deutsches Jungvolk flag is a rare early example from the town of Ellwangen
In the east of Baden Wurttemberg , the flag refers to Galgenberg,  Gallows Hill as In 1588 and from 1611 to 1618 about 450 people in Ellwangen were killed in witch-hunts Hence the Totenkopf and the gallows , very unique and one of a kind.

In April 1945, American GIs occupied Ellwangen and until 1946, stationed various military units at the Kaserne.

As you can see the flag features a large white Single Sig Rune the emblem of the Deutsches Jungvolk on one side whilst in the other it has a large Deaths Head..Totenkopf on the other side with two
Gallows and patches representing the forest
The unit patch of the town Ellwangen is in the top left hand corner whilst
Galgenberg is sewn on to the bottom of the flag in individual gold bullion thread..all pole loops are present with the exception of the bottom loop which was unfortunately lost through history

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WWII pre Hitler Youth Flag

WWII pre Hitler Youth Flag

WWII German HJ Flag

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