WW2 U.S. Helmet


We were lucky enough to purchase this Colonel M1 WW2 U.S. helmet with early matching liner. The family sold to us because we paid the fairest price. This is quite a rare M1 helmet, as it has the early paper liner. It has the rank of Colonel on the front, as well as the leader stripe on the backside. A bonus is that the helmet appears to have been used, but is still in great condition. Ninety nine percent of WW2 U.S. helmets are plain and no rank or inscription on them. Thats what makes this one so special. Only thing that is regrettable, is that there is no name on the helmet to research. The M1 helmet came into service into production in April, 1941. Over the course of the war, twenty two million were produced during World War two. The helmet would be used all the way up to 1985.

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WW2 U.S. helmet