WW2 Uniform Removed Insignia

Many US GI's brought home cutoffs and WW2 uniform removed insignia. In this author's opinion, it was the equivalent of Native Americans collecting scalps. Only this time, the cutting was on uniforms, not on a victim's head. Most WW2 uniform removed insgnia was brought back from the European theatre of operations. In the Pacific theatre, GI souvenirs tended to be more goulish. Often times, gold teeth, skulls, armbone knives were brought home as war trophies. Below, is a combination SS cutoffs and SS removed insignia. The bullion officer cutoff is quite stunning. It is the only I know of in existence. The sleeve cutoff is unique in the fact there is a eagle along with a chevron. The SS runic collar tabs have all been removed from the uniform. They are a combination of foot soldier and officer tabs. The three skulls and eagle have all been removed from various SS caps. The on skull is a rare flatwire officer skull. All of these WW2 Uniform Removed Insignia are sought after by World War Two collectors.


ww2 uniform removed insignia



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