WW2 Vet Bringbacks

ww2 vet bringbacks

Here is another interesting  WW2 Vet bringbacks from Florida A P38 Pistol and holster alongside its capture papers allowing the US Serviceman to take it back to the USA.
A mixture of small stickpins , collar insignia, a DRK aluminium belt buckle and 2 Deutsches Kreuz in Gold .Both of these are the so called lightweight versions made by the firm of Zimmermann. Whilst these are readily available,  it's very rewarding to find 2 examples that have actually been worn in combat, 1 of them has damage to the enamel and is missing its hardware on the reverse , interestingly someone has drilled a small hole at the top, perhaps the former wearer done this to sew on to his uniform.
We will never know if this was the case , but it's certainly a talking point and adds to the history in our opinion.
A brief history of the DKIG,  courtesy of Wikipedia..
The War Order of the German Cross (German: Der Kriegsorden Deutsches Kreuz), normally abbreviated to the German Cross or Deutsches Kreuz, was instituted by Adolf Hitler on 28 September 1941. It was awarded in two divisions: in gold for repeated acts of bravery or military leadership; and in silver for distinguished non-combat war service. The German Cross in Gold ranked higher than the Iron Cross First Class but below the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

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