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I've been passionately buying WW2 memorabilia for over a decade. My goal is to preserve WWII history and to make sure that you are happy with your  payment. Sell WWII items here.

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I don't know what you will do will all that wwii paperwork but hope you can put it to goo d use


A fast, efficient transaction. Chris offered a fair price and was very responsive.

Howard Roberts
Cypress Texas

Sent photos of my type 89 deactivated mortar rounds for appraisal and received an answer within a couple of hours, I have several other items in my collection that I am thinking about selling and to be sure I will send photos to chris for evaluation.

Sam Miljus
Milwaukee, WI

My brother passed away leaving a huge collection of items. After some research on the web I found this site and found that these two guys (Chris Voorhees & Fraser Laing) were honest, extremely knowledgeable and generous with their offers on the items I had. I had numerous contacts with them over several months and they were more than fair on the prices they offered. I cant say enough on what a great expierence I had with them. Im glad I worked with Chris & Fraser and thank them for their help dealing with this collection. Not a doubt in my mind that these guys are the most honest reputable people on the internet who buy and sell WW2 items. Save your time and sell or bu;y from Chris & Fraser. Thanks again guys.

Joe Condon

Fast and fair transaction, very pleased.

Devin V
Wichita Falls, Tx

You know I’m also and have always been obsessed with ww2 since learning about. I had recently inherited some unique and interesting items from the war but I would love for it to be with someone who will teach and show future generations. Can’t wait to do Business!!

U. Morris
Ramsey, NJ

Fraser and Chris are quite reputable, and very much a pleasure to deal with. My late father's WWII Luftwaffe anti-aircraft and merit medals are now in good hands.

Jonathan H
Springfield, Missouri

Great knowledge and fair all around. Grateful for the education and quick service. I recommend this site 100%. Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be saying thanks again in the future.

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San Antonio Texas

Got the money order

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Fast honest ez

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number one ww2 sight on the web. Got to me fast and paid the day helmet arrived. Other sights took days and one never contacted me back

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Mike West
Jordan, Utah

Glad my Grandpa’s Battle of the Bulge helmet is going to a good home.

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Payment received. Footlocker will be sent today UPS. Enjoy

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New Jersey

Im glad you will take care of the WWII German helmet. Enjoy your school year.

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Robert S.
Golden, CO

I thought selling my WW2 German helmet would be challenging. You made it very easy.

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North Carolina

I have the helmet on the way thank you so much for everything you have helped me tremendously you have merry Christmas I really can’t express my appreciation in words thank you.

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After reading your article, I am very sure you are the person we have been looking for to sell our wwii stuff to. You seem to have as great an appreciation for the war, the age and its heros as we do. Thanks

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SLC, Utah

I didn’t know the value of my Dad’s memorabilia.

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SLC, Utah

I can’t believe I got that much for a old German helmet

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Andy C.
Sanford, FL

Hey Chris, Just wanted to let you know that this treasure showed up yesterday, one day early!! WOW what a helmet, The packing job was top notch bud!

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I’m going to hold onto the knife, but thanks for the free appraisal and history lesson.