sell 'World War' militaria memorabilia

sell 'World War' militaria memorabilia

sell 'World War' militaria memoriablia

You are looking for a reputated partner to sell your 'World War' militaria memoriablia items to?

We are several years in the market and will value and buy your original ww1 and ww2 items for top prices.

We are looking for militaria items from 1870 up to 1968.

If you decide to get in contact with us, we would please you to send good images of your items, after that we will value them and come back to you within 1 working day with a good offer for your goods.
Feel free to compare it with other offer dealers who sell world war militaria on the market, but we will beat them!


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Preserve Irreplaceable WW2 Memorabilia

Many of the items I buy have not been stored properly. War souvenirs have been found in damp basements, infested attics, run down storage sheds, and filthy garages. Helmets, Knives, guns, medals, do not do well in these conditions. Without saving them, they would eventually be too damaged to appreciate. WWII only happened once. There will never be another. There are only so many historical artifacts out there, they can not be reproduced. The Vets that brought their souvenirs back, would not be happy seeing them being stored in such an irresponsible manner. Sadly, this is how I find most items. Rusted, ragged, water damaged and stained. If you have something to sell, please allow me to purchase them to protect them from future damage. If your not looking to sell, please make sure your militaria is stored in a dry, safe place.

I am specifically looking for:

Helmets: WW2 German helmets, WW2 US M1 helmets, WW2 Japanese Type 90 helmets.

Firearms: WW2 German k98, German Mp40, German STG44, German G43, German Luger, German P38. WW2 US M1 Garand, US M1 Carbine, US Springfield. Japanese WW2 Arisaka.

Medals and Cloth: WW2 German SS items, German Iron Cross, German insignia. WW2 US Purple heart, US insignia. WW2 Japanese insignia.

Any WW2: souvenirs, paperwork, memorabilia, or vet bring backs of all countries and branches.

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