German Helmets

The German government made four basic types of German combat helmets during WWII. The German M35, German M40, German M42, and the German paratrooper helmet M38. They also made civil helmets and reissued helmets from WWI. German combat helmets were used by the Luftwaffe (air force), heer (army), Kriegsmarine (navy), police, and the SS.  German military helmets can come in double decal(most prized), single decal, and no decal at all.  The most prized WW2 German helmets are the SS German helmets, paratrooper M38 helmet, and camo German helmets.  Each camouflaged German helmet is unique and a piece of art to helmet collectors.  No two are the same. Each is a masterpiece.It is also possible to see what front the soldier was fighting in looking at the camo colors and patterns.  Some camo helmets may have chicken wire, nets, wire, or rubber bands added to them to attach limbs and grasses for camouflage.  Civil German military helmets are the least wanted because they were not used in combat.  These are the Luftshutz and Polizei helmets. The pictures above are helmets that I have owned over the years. Each one tells a story of the battles they were in. Notice the camouflage SS helmet. It is quite unique, along with the Normandy camouflaged German helmet. Medic helmets are also a rare German helmet. There are only a handful of these that are authentic German helmets.

If you are new to helmet collecting, please tread carefully as there are many dubious sellers trying to pass fake helmets as real. Sign up to a forum and get some expert advise. Contact this site as well before purchase and I will give you my opinion on your potential helmet purchase.

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