LTC Robert J. Frost

These 5 pieces of Adolf Hitler silverware Formal pattern were also liberated from Hitlers Munich Apartment by LTC Robert J Frost,  while such silverware is available,  its rarer to get examples that have cast iron provenance as to where they were actually found.


Here we have a small group of WW2 Nazi Militaria items we bought recently from the Grandson of Robert J Frost
A LTC in the US Army during WW2. LTC Frost was part of the 7th Army, serving in the 179th Regiment, part of the 45th Division having already fought in Italy, Southern France and then Germany. The above portrait in the title is exceedingly well done was painted by the Aunt of Robert J Frost III




The Nazi items above  include an NSDAP banner from the Town of Pappenheim in Bavaria , a second pattern NSDAP poletopper Eagle, presumably from said banner , a first pattern Luftwaffe dagger unfortunately missing its nickel hanging chainsA 2nd pattern Luftwaffe dagger complete it's portapee and hanging straps and lastly a Deutsches Red Cross Hewer with its original leather belt frog..These items have never been cleaned or messed with and are exactly the time capsule pieces of History we love to save..LTC Frost obviously had a good eye for souvenirs and we express our gratitude for his Military Service and to his Grandson Robert J Frost III for kindly allowing us to purchase these Historical artifacts.


LTC Frost was buried with full Military Honours at Arlington National Cemetery.


LTC Robert J. Frost


Here is a letter dated 8th May 1945 that Robert Frost wrote to his wife on Adolf Hitler stationary he liberated from the Munich Apartment. This is one of the coolest items we have seen... Absolutely amazing.




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