German Militaria Collection

I am a collector of WW2 German memorabila.

Click on the links below to see WW2 German

  • WW2 German helmets,
  • WW2 firearms,
  • WW2 militaria and memorabila,
  • WW2 German caps,
  • WW2 German daggers,
  • WW2 German bayonets,
  • Holocaust memorabila,
  • WW2 German buckles, and
  • German flags.

All of these items are currently in my WW2 collection. None are for sale at this time.

WW2 German Helmets
German Caps
German Heer
German Police
German Luftwaffe
German Luftschutz
German Firearms and Flare Guns
German Daggers, Swords, Knives
German Buckles
German Memorabilia
Holocaust Memorabilia
German Flags and Pennants

United States Militaria Collection

United States WW2 memorabilia is what I first started collecting as a boy. Items were cheap and easy to find.

Below are some of the US WW2 items that I collect.

These include:

  • Helmets,
  • guns,
  • patches, and
  • all other WW2 memorabilia.

None are for sale at this time

US Memorabilia
US Helmets
US Weapons

Japanese Militaria Collection

I am also a collector of WW2 Japanese militaria.

I have a quite a few Japanese flags and various memorabila.

Each piece tells a story of how brutal WW2 was. These are part of my permanent collection.

None are for sale at this time.

Japanese Memorabilia